Maverick’s re-engaging!

A quick look says I’ve been out of the wordpress game for nearly 3 weeks.  I’m not going to beg laziness or any other lame excuse.  (Seriously, who cares?)

But, no matter.  Like Top Gun’s “Maverick,” I have re-engaged.  (Sidebar: that movie is 26 years old, which means Tom Cruise is….getting old!)  And from here on — unless I get bored again with my own writing — you’ll be hearing a steady stream of whatever’s on my mind.

And what’s on my mind today is the best damn news I’ve heard in awhile: our older daughter Katherine got her first acceptance to graduate school.

Now, for many, that’s no big deal.  Maybe for most, it’s no big deal.  But, she applied to “only” eight programs for an MFA and all are highly selective.  Yes, I know: in this day and age, getting an MFA is sought after??

The programs she applied to, though, are the kind where they actually pay YOU to come there.  Well, not actually: they give you some slave wage stipend and pick up your tuition.  But, in the academic world, that’s Peyton Manning kind of money.

More importantly, after 3 years spent teaching, she had an itch to a) really concentrate on her writing (the MFA is in poetry, of all things), and b) get credentialed to teach at ever-higher levels.

Now, I won’t tell you what school she got into because that would be bragging.  (the subject of which, I’ll explore in another missive.)  On the other hand, she did get rejected at 2 schools, and I won’t name them either.

But, if you happen to wander past either Cornell or UMD, please feel free to give them the finger.