Please — Dear God — don’t be this guy.

by gbsmith4

Every week for the past few months, I go through the same mind-numbing experience.  I’m sitting at Fox minding my own business, when a fellow commentator starts yakking at me.  I try to engage, be cordial, ask questions.  You know, converse.  But, I quickly figure out the conversation is all one-sided.  You know: he’s doing all the talking, and I’m doing all the listening.  Like I’m Jay Leno without the big paycheck.

The problem, though, is that no matter how I try to disengage — eyes back down to my laptop, answering a fake phone call, getting up to grab a drink — he KEEPS TALKING.  Like he has no off switch.  Every clue I send seems to bounce off his forehead.  It’s maddening.

Now, I don’t want to be rude, so I maintain my positive attitude.   Or, at least try to not be a total jerk.  However, I find myself edging more and more into that territory….with zero effect.  He’s Bizarro Superman where even my green kryptonite is powerless.

Nancy calls people like this “Captain of the Talking Team.”  Honestly, I’d be fine with that, except this fellow’s the Commander-in-Chief.

Now trust me, you’re probably not anything like him.  But, if you find someone staring off into space when you’re talking, please take the clue and end the conversation.  You never want to be “that guy.”