$%^&! Mr. Murphy

by gbsmith4

We just brought a new puppy home.  A puppy that needs a regular walk so he’s at least somewhat calm when inside.  We don’t mind walks at all.  Love doing it, in fact.  Don’t like doing it when it’s either -239 degrees outside, raining 3″ per hour…or both.  That’s been the weather pretty much EVERY SINGLE DAY since he arrived.  $%^&! Mr. Murphy!

We have a leak in our roof.  Some unidentified, maddeningly obtuse leak that has now infected the paint, drywall and probably the foundation for all I know.  As soon as we noticed it, we called a roofer.  He said he’d come by as soon as the weather permitted.  See above for previous 10 day weather and, by the way, $%^&! Mr. Murphy!

I’ve had our snowblower for 15 years.  Empty out the gas at the end  of each year and make sure its running properly.  We get our first snow fall of this year, I go to start it up…and nothing.  Take it to the snowblower repair guys.  They fix it pretty promptly.  I go to pick it up, and immediately break some tension wire holding the handle.  $%^&! Mr. Murphy!

The market has been pretty choppy so far, so even one great trade can make a big difference.  I had that one trade: bought SIRI the day before it gapped up 10%.  Only problem: instead of buying X shares like I intended, I “fat-fingered” my order and only bought .1X shares.  I did catch the error almost immediately and entered a limit order to buy the remainder.  SIRI ran past that, so I decided to wait until the next morning to fix the problem.  By that time, SIRI had already gapped up.  $%^&! Mr. Murphy!

Look, I have a pretty nice life.  Really, no complaints.  Still, when this Murphy guy starts to run interference it, you pretty much want to scream!