Sort of back…again.

by gbsmith4

Every time I get an email or comment from somebody asking about my blog, it makes me think: yes, people REALLY like me!

Pathetic, really, but it does cause me to get back at it.  At least temporarily.  However, I noticed my last hiatus lasted nearly 14 months so I’m not sure I missed writing all that much.

I do have a few changes, though, so I think I’ll bring everyone up to speed.

Change #1: Alex (our poodle) passed.  Along with his brother Indy, Alex was the first dog we had acquired after about a 7 year layoff.  Like some poodles he had developed Addison’s and tacked on cancer a few months ago.  Frankly, he was a strange dog, but we loved him all the same.  I had to take him to the VET — I’ve been the grim reaper 3 times now — and the Doc put him under.  I couldn’t bear to hang around, but the poor guy was in so much pain I’m certain we did the right thing.  RIP big guy.

Change #2: Charlie arrived today.  We “replaced” Alex with a miniature poodle we named Charlie.  Dog naming is a tricky business and I’m not sure we got it right.  We never give our dogs “dog names” but I was fond of Lucky.  Charlie was my second choice, and I think it’s fine.  Frankly, he’s more “Luvie” than anything else, but that’s probably a tough one for any male other than Luvie Smith.


I’ll have more changes next outing.  Oh, and btw: happy New Year!