by gbsmith4

We made it through Sandy with minimal disruption.  We did lose power for about an hour, but there was no damage to the house or exterior.

So, I’m thankful for that, but truly feel for my friends in the Northeast.  But, what can I do to help?  The only thing I know how, and that’s a few words of someone who’s been there: (House-leveling fire in ’03, Deracho, Snowmaggedon…)

1.  Get everyone safe, comfortable, and back on schedule.  For now, don’t worry about your house, the damage, the insurance, etc.  Instead, find friends, a hotel, etc, and make sure everyone is eating, sleeping, and going about normal business as much as possible.

2.  Divide up repair and insurance.  Dealing with contractors, handymen, and all repair folks is a full-time job.  Likewise, making sure your insurance company is on top of everything is also a full-time job.  One person can’t possibly handle both, so divide up the tasks accordingly.  For our house fire, I took insurance; Nancy handled the rebuilding.

3.  Everyone is lazy.  Insurance companies, builders, etc, will all want to take the easiest path possible.  But, no one cares about your welfare as much as you do.  So pester, nag, cajole.  Whatever you need to do to get everyone working FOR you, not for themselves.

4.  Remember, it takes time.  Even the best insurance companies process claims a LOT slower than you’d like.  Repairmen are never as speedy as you’d like them to be.  But, everything will get done.  Eventually.  It’ll drive you crazy, of course, but keep plodding away.

Okay, all the above easier said then done.  There were times when we were rebuilding our house, I just wanted to walk away and settle in Bali.  You’ll feel that way too.  But, some months from now everything will return to normal.  And you’ll realize you can get through anything.