In a slump

by gbsmith4

I’ve always been a big believer in momentum.  Or, maybe it’s biorhythms.  Whatever it is, when things start to go south for me, they really tail off.  And in the past few days, it’s been nothing but down.

— My trading has been going poorly.  Or, rather my results have been poor.  Fortunately, what I always preach — stick to your method — I’ve been doing.  It’s just that the market hasn’t been treating me kindly.  But, a slump is a slump.

— Nancy had a rigger stolen at the Head of the Charles.  Don’t know what a rigger is?  It doesn’t matter.  Just know that you can’t row a boat without it.  Even worse? It was BRAND NEW.  As in, never been used.  (Who steals a rigger, for cryin’ out loud??)  High tech, state-of-the-art, carbon fiber.  Gone.

— My tennis has sucked.  Even worse, my practice has been great.  It’s my play in matches that has gone south.  I’m missing something, and I just can’t figure it out.  Frustrating beyond all believe.

— Little things are out of control.  Example: our one dog must be allergic to one of his foods, since he’s barfing and pooping all over the place.  Clean-up on aisle 7!

— The Redskins lost another heartbreaker.  Yeah, we have RGIII, and he’s fun to watch.  And yes, it’s just football.  Still: argh!!!

Things will turn up, of course.  They always do.  Until then, I just have to ride this bad wave out.  Painful, though.