Off…and doing nothing

by gbsmith4

As of tomorrow, I’m off for a few days, traveling to Boston to see Nancy at the Head of the Charles.  We’ve been doing this since 2003, and it’s just about the only time we spend away from the house.

She has a lot to do while we’re there: coach the Potomac Boat Club Mens’ team, as well as race herself.  My role?  I used to try to fit in a bike ride, do Bulls & Bears from Newton, and make myself busy.

Now?  Now, I try to do as little as possible other than walk back and forth from the hotel to where the boats launch.  We won’t even have the dogs with us, so that’s another list of to-do’s off my plate.

Many folks like to travel, but while I enjoy the time off, I can only take about 3 days of it.  In fact, I have yet to take a vacation which I enjoyed MORE than just staying at home.

I don’t know if that’s strange or makes me the ultimate homebody.  It sure does save money, though.