Watches for a penny

by gbsmith4

Nancy and I were strolling around the mall this past weekend, looking to replace her broken watch.  As I’ve noted in the past, we’re long past the “expensive watch” stage and just wanted something workable with a rubber strap.

While walking through Nordstrom’s I noticed about 20 watches hanging on a stand near one of the registers.  We were in luck: six of the watches were originally $20, but marked down to $8.90.

They were cheap Japanese things, but had the rubber strap and were certainly a good bargain.

The salesperson rang it up, and said we wouldn’t believe it, but the price was a penny.  We thought he meant the price was going to be a penny over $9, but no, he said it was some kind of “last chance” sale and the price was ONE CENT!

I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten anything for a 99.95% discount, but there it was.  I literally gave him a nickel — a nickel! — and got my $.04 change.  We walked around a bit after that, and then decided, for an extra $.05, we’d clean them out.  So we circled back and bought the other five watches they had.

I’m sure this is some kind of record.  Or a stroke of extreme luck.  Whatever: we’re still dumbfounded.