The other cancers must be pissed.

by gbsmith4

Last weekend, the Washington Redskins were draped from head to toe in pink.  This was to raise “awareness” of breast cancer, I suppose, although I think we’re all pretty much aware by now.

But, I have to hand it to the breast cancer marketing folks: with their various walks, races (, tv portrayals ( )and pink saturation campaign, it’s hard to imagine any other cancer even exists.

So, if you’re involved in one of the other cancer factions, you have to be sitting there and getting a little upset because breast cancer isn’t even the most prevalent cancer.  No, that would be prostate cancer, with lung cancer being the most deadly.  (

Now, this is not to denigrate or make light of breast cancer.  It IS both deadly and terrible.  But, the other cancers need to get on the ball.  Why don’t they have their own color?  Why don’t TV characters ever get pancreatic cancer?

Heck I don’t even know what Endometrial cancer is: why don’t we start raising some awareness for that?