Biden/Ryan debate takeaways

by gbsmith4

I watched 60 minutes of the debate last night.  When 9:15 is your bed time, 10pm is time to pack it in.

And while I’ll leave the “who won” stuff to the poli sci pundits, a few things hit me over the head.

— Is it a Democratic thing, or do many on the left resort to smirking, dismissive laughs, and condescending remarks?  First Al Gore, and now Biden.  He may have “won” but I think he came across as a jerk.

— What was the “now you’re Jack Kennedy” remark all about?   Ryan was referencing Jack Kennedy, not pretending to be him.  Nothing worse than a zinger that ends up being a non sequitur.

— Admit it: Biden has the worst fake teeth in the world.

— I’ll hand it to Biden: he comes across as an old school politician.  Too bad.