There is no “middle ground.”

by gbsmith4

The full news about Lance Armstrong hit the wires yesterday and it was pretty damning.  I’ve read a lot on the topic, and for years I’ve thought a) he was guilty and b) a first class schmuck.  So, yesterday wasn’t anything new: he wasn’t just a doper, but a first-class organized criminal.

And yet, there are folks out there still defending him.  He raised a lot for cancer.  He’s a survivor.  It’s a witch hunt.  My God, the list of excuses goes on and on.

But, his supporters will not be swayed.  If anything, they now seem to feel MORE secure in their support.

I see the same thing with President Obama.  I think the last 4 years have been a disaster.  In fact, I think any objective view would rate him one of the worst Presidents ever.  He’s a Big Government guy, and yet I can find few people who’ve had a good personal experience dealing with government.  Where are the folks who like the DMV?  Who’ve found it easy to get a building permit?  Who think our mail service is wonderful?

And yet….Obama supporters are dug in.  He’s their man, no matter what!

On the other hand, maybe I’m just as dug in on my positions.  You can’t convince me “Breaking Bad” isn’t the best show on TV!  Ronald Reagan was a great President!  The Nationals were right to sit Strasburg!

So, maybe all this talk about people liking “compromise” in government is total BS.  People don’t like compromise.  They like to be RIGHT.  I mean Lincoln is hailed as a great, if not the greatest, President.  And rightly so.  But, he sure didn’t compromise with the South about slavery!

The truth is we don’t seek the middle.  What we seek is to finally, eventually strong arm our opposition into seeing our side.