Sometimes capitalism is baffling.

by gbsmith4

There’s a golf tournament outside my house — — and I just don’t get it.  It’s part of the tour and unless you’re an uber golf junkie, I’m betting you’ve never heard of or its tour.

What I can’t figure out is why this event (or tour, for that matter) even exists.  There are literally ZERO people in the gallery.  (the biggest “name” in the tournament is Lee Janzen.  And even though he’s won TWO U.S. Opens, you still probably haven’t heard of him.)

The event is on The Golf Channel, but I’m betting the audience is only a few hundred.  Heck, the Washington Post has barely mentioned the event.

So where is the win-win that capitalism is supposed to provide? seems to be throwing away money.  The Golf Channel ratings have to almost zero, so advertising is a waste.

Oh right: the winner gets a cool $100,000.  Some things I guess you can’t explain.