Romney, Obama, and other votes

by gbsmith4

I guess it’s obligatory, but thought I’d weigh in — quickly — on the debate last night: Romney trounced the President.  (A quick check this morning finds I’m in the majority.  Very few folks seem to think Obama won….)  But, call me biased:  I’m not sure Mr. Obama could have come up with anything I would have liked.

Still, Romney came armed with at least a hope for an improved economy, while the President did little to defend the past four years other than continue to blame it on the mess he inherited.

Romney is still far, far left of where I am — no cuts to the military?? —  a continued focus on education when growth in teachers have far exceeded growth in students? — but he’s still far enough right of Obama to get my vote.

And speaking of votes,  if any of you saw my tweet yesterday, you noted my wife Nancy was nominated for USRowing’s Masters Coach of the Year.  It’s a huge honor to just be nominated, but might as well push her to the top.  Trust me, she’s a terrific coach.

So, even if you don’t know port from starboard, go here and vote:

In fact, send this link to your friends, family, acquaintances, and even enemies and have THEM vote.  It is just not possible to lose to someone named Boris!