Ignore my advice

by gbsmith4

A few months ago, I was reading one of those sappy stories where the child reflects on the sage advice his parent gave him.   There’s always some line in the article where the kid goes “As my Dad always told me, two heads are better than one.”

So after reading this article, I turned to my oldest daughter and asked her what advice I had given her in her 25 years that had really meant something.

She couldn’t come up with a thing.  Nothing.  Not one pithy statement, little anecdote, turn of words, or handed down fable.

Now she respects me (I guess) and I’m assuming learned something from me along the way.  But as far as making an IMPACT, I apparently haven’t left much of a trace.

But in thinking about it, all the advice I’ve given in my 54 years has pretty much been ignored anyway.  In fact, when I do venture to share my wisdom, what I’m met most with is:  I’m already doing that.  Or, I’ve already thought about that.  Kids, other traders, college applicants, cyclists, they’re all really not interested in my “pearls of wisdom.”

(As an aside, the one group who does lap up advice are golfers.  They will listen to any inane tip, proverb, or old chestnut that comes along.  Especially if they’re hitting it badly.  They’re like addicts who will do anything for their next hit!)

In any event, it’s gotten to the point, where I pretty much keep my trap shut.  Or, as my Dad used to say……….