The growing trend…in people not giving a damn.

by gbsmith4

Maybe it’s me.  Maybe I just attract a certain type of person.  But lately I find that 90% of the people I deal with have zero reliability.  Think I’m exaggerating?  Here’s a partial list of my recent interactions.

— I emailed a broker about selling our house.  Never heard back.

— Another broker said she’d leave papers to sign in our mailbox.  Never saw a thing.

— Contacted a reputable contractor about painting our house.  Email apparently went into vapor.

— Arranged to meet someone for tennis.  After waiting 15 minutes I finally called.  He picked up on first ring.  Said he had no cell reception earlier and would be another 20 minutes late.

— Arranged to meet another person for tennis.  A no show.  No phone call, text, email.  Nothing.

— Scheduled a conference call with a hedge fund manager for early September.  Said he’d confirm the time/date.  Last I heard from him.

Yeah, I know: it’s ridiculous.  My next test is this Friday.  I have someone coming over at noon to look at one of the bikes I’m selling.  Even money he never shows.