Getting lost.

by gbsmith4

A few days ago, I had arranged to meet someone for tennis.  I told him where to play and asked if he knew where it was.  He never responded, so I assumed he had good directions.

And at the specified time…he didn’t show.  Now, my rule of thumb is to wait for 15 minutes, then call it a day.

Sure enough, right as I was headed for the car, he came jogging up.  His excuse: he got lost.  He didn’t seem like the kind of fellow who was just late and lied about it, so I bought his story.

Still, I can’t quite figure it out.  With Google Maps, Bing maps, you car GPS, and other wonderful devices, is it even possible to get lost these days?

He claimed he got off at the right exit, then made a wrong turn, and etc. etc.

Now, as one who has zero sense of direction, I’ve done the same thing….back in about 1991.  Since then, I’ve NEVER gotten lost unless the destination was so new it wasn’t on one of the many map services.

So, maybe he really was late and thought the “getting lost” story was more palatable.  Which makes him either rude, unorganized, or inept.

For now I’ll settle for inept, and send clear directions the next time.