The curiosity factor

by gbsmith4

In my last post, I commented on the fact that my least read columns were the ones in my supposed area of expertise.

But, a few readers noted that what interested them most, were not my views on trading, but instead, my observations/thinking on “other things.”

And when I think about it, they’re right.  Golf nuts are certainly interested in Tiger’s GIR percentage.  But, EVERYONE was interested in what he was doing AFTER the round ended.

Similarly, I’m really not all that interested in what Warren Buffett has to say about the economy, but I do like the bits and pieces that surface about his daily life.  Does the man watch TV?  How much does he tip?  Does he drive himself?  THOSE are the things that most of us are interested in.

So, I guess we do live in a “Stars: they’re just like us” kind of world.  (yes, I’m no star.  But, you get my point.)  We like to see how people act when they’re doing normal things.  Connects us, I guess.