by gbsmith4

A strange thing has happened in the last few weeks:  I’ve been carrying my Iphone around less and less.  Now, this is no knock against Apple.  As phones go, the Iphone is pretty neat.

Instead, I guess it’s a rebellion against phone calls in general: I seem to take less and less interest in receiving any kind of calls unless they’re of the emergency kind from family.

Of course, being fairly isolated to begin with, those are about the only calls I get anyway, but still: if someone wants to reach me, it’s best to use email.  There I can think about my response — or lack therof — and get back to you when I’m in the mood.

On the flip side, I do carry my Ipad everywhere, so maybe I’m not quite the island I pretend to be.  When I stop carry THAT, then you’ll know I’ve gone off the cliff.