Government lawnmowers

by gbsmith4

Almost every morning, I drive over to some public tennis courts to hit balls.  It’s early in the morning and no one is ever there.

Every few weeks, though, I’m met with the sound of the county grounds crew tending to the grass.  They’re out there with their high-powered mowers, making sure the grass isn’t an inch over regulation.

Being as loud as runway 22 at LaGuardia, I have to stop when the mowers come nearby.  So, I grab a drink and watch.

And what unfolds is the same scenario each time:  Mower #1 cuts the grass near the courts.  Then Mower #2 cuts the SAME EXACT GRASS.  Then Mower #1 comes back to cut the SAME EXACT GRASS again.  Then, for good measure, Mower #3 (with some high-powered SUPER mower), goes over the same area yet AGAIN.

In short, they spend about 45 minutes tending to an area that takes 5 minutes to mow.  Trust me, the outfield at Yankee Stadium doesn’t have this kind of grounds-keeping.  Heck, the fairways at Augusta aren’t cut this well.

Now I have no grudge against the workers.  I’ve exchanged pleasantries and they seem like good guys.  Hey, they’re just doing what they’re told.

But come on: somewhere in Montgomery County who ever’s in charge of “lawn mowing” has a set amount of money to spend — our money, btw — and doesn’t care how efficiently or inefficiently it’s spent.

Drives me crazy.