My strange body

by gbsmith4

A few days ago, I fell on my wrist while playing tennis.  I didn’t think it was anything serious, and I popped right up and continued playing.  That was about 3pm.

By 6pm, though, my wrist was throbbing.   On the NIH pain scale (, I’d say I was at “6” so I put some ice on it.  Strange that I barely felt a thing for the prior 3 hours, but whatever.

By 8PM, though, the pain was intense.  I had already taken ibuprofen, but was feeling so badly, I hunted around the house for something stronger.  ANYTHING stronger.  At that point, I thought for sure my wrist was broken and I was at a solid “10.”  Hurting so much, I thought about going to the emergency room.

Instead, I gritted my teeth, propped my wrist up on a pillow and tried to sleep.  Oddly, I was out immediately and woke up about 4AM.

And the pain had vanished.  Yes, my wrist was still a little sore, but I was back at “2” level.  Almost nothing.

The weird thing is, I’ve gone through this before.  Stomach aches so bad, I couldn’t stand them, only to be fine the next morning.  Headaches so intense, I thought they were migraines, only to have them vanish within hours.

I’m certain science has an answer.  Or maybe I’m just psychosomatic.  Strange though.