The lunacy of Olympics frustration

by gbsmith4

Like the vast majority of you, I’ve been watching the Olympics both online and televised.  And yes, I’ve found the “embargoing” of some of the premier events to be both silly and frustrating.

But, if I’m reading the press correctly, there’s a lot of people spending a good deal of time venting about their frustration:  the hastag #NBCfail is apparently  very popular.

This always makes me wonder if people have enough to do during the day.  Yes, I also wish I could have watched the Phelps 400IM in real-time.  But, NBC dictated I couldn’t.  I wasn’t happy about it, but that was it.  It was on when it was on.

But, folks are taking to the streets like they were when much of the DC area lost power.  They’re outraged!

But, my gosh, it’s just a sporting event.  Yes, it’s interesting.  Yes, it’s filled with drama.  And yes, it’s very enjoyable.

But, not watching EXACTLY WHEN THE ACTION OCCURS?  In my list of things to worry about, that ranks about #1237.