Global warming

by gbsmith4

With the East Coast experiencing some brutal summer weather (and storms: like many DC-area folks we were without power for 3 days), the trendy thing is to blame everything on global warming.  “This is just a taste of what’s to come” is the common theme.

My opinion is that a) we still don’t know enough and b) this is probably a normal blip amongst the millions of other hot/cold months we’ve had since the dinosaurs.  (ie. 2 winters ago it was amongst the COLDEST we’ve ever seen.)

But, no matter: let’s assume this IS global warming.  You know what would happen?  WE’D ADAPT!  Yes, that’s what always seems to be forgotten: we’re very good at ulitmately accepting reality and moving forward.

As an example,

— All power lines would eventually be buried to mitigate storm damage.  (right there that’d take away 90% of the power outages.)

— Clothing would be developed to keep you cool in extremely hot temperatures.  (we already have tech fabrics, and I even have a high tech bike jersey that uses your own sweat to cool you off.)

— You’d eventually get used to doing things in 100+ temperatures.  (Nancy and I have played an hour of tennis when the heat index was 105.)

Of course, that’s not to say we’d suffer a bit in the transition. Heck the East Coast is suffering NOW.  But, eventually an evolution would take place, and we might even benefit from the change.

So, global warming or not, I’m not worried.  We’ll figure it out.