by gbsmith4

Let me get this out there before you think I’m biased: I love my Sirius radio.  It’s gotten me through plenty of 4+ hour drives when in past I’ve would have gone nuts trying to find a radio station.  Driving to NYC recently, I enjoyed 3 hours of non-stop “Classic Rock.”  A few weeks ago, I listened to the entire 2nd round of the NFL draft.  Good stuff.

So, when Nancy got a new car recently, I thought she’d opt to continue her trial Sirius service.  She didn’t.  She only drives a few hours a week, and the local FM news station is all she wanted.  So I let the trial lapse without signing up.

Or, so I thought.  No, Sirius is relentless in calling to follow-up.  And by relentless, I mean at least 3 calls a day from 866-301-7344.  Yes, I could have answered the first time, but I never answer calls — especially on my cell — from unknown numbers.

But, after 23 calls, I relented and picked up the phone.  The Sirius person went into their spiel, but I tried to cut him off by saying, “No thank you, I don’t want to continue.”

However, he wasn’t phased, wasn’t slowed down, and didn’t even stop to catch his breath.  He was some weird Freddy Krueger character that KEEPS ON COMING.    I mean, I tried multiple times to cut him off.  Begged him, pleaded with him, but he was determined to get through his speech.  I mean  it was impressive, but repulsive at the same time.

Finally, he had said every last word of his sales call and had to accept I wasn’t signing up.

I’m telling you, though, I’m still scarred by the incident.  Therefore, if you get a call from 866, I recommend you answer the first time and just accept their offer.  Easier for everyone that way.