Belly ache

by gbsmith4

For 54 years old, I can objectively claim I’m in pretty good health.  In fact, I’d put myself near the top of the pyramid.  My body fat is ungodly low and my resting HR hovers around 42 (thank you, cycling.)  I get sick once a year and it’s almost always a sinus infection.

I do have the occasional muscle strain, soreness, and related middle-aged niggles, but never anything serious.

Of course, I can barely hear out of my right ear, my blood pressure has been high (but under control) since I was 16, and I was pretty much legally blind until lasik fixed my eyes.  Still, nothing I can’t manage

The one area I’ve always had a problem with, however, is my stomach.  Nothing serious, but let’s just say I focus a lot on “GI management.”

Now, I say nothing serious until about 2 weeks ago.  It was then, I started experiencing regular, painful stomach cramps.  Not the kind of that make you cry (trust me, I’ve had those in spades), but the kind that eventually wear you down.  The good news is that the pain comes in waves.  The bad news is that those “waves” have been non-stop for 14 days.

Yes, of course, I’ve checked the internet.  Looked up everything from kidney stones to Crohn’s disease.  Just kept figuring it’d go away on it’s own.

But, after a one day respite on Sunday, the pain came back yesterday.  So, I’m going to give in and go see a GI specialist.  Which I hate to do, by the way, because from what I can tell, diagnosing stomach pain is about as easy as trying to figure out a headache.

Which probably means a battery of annoying tests and 2 weeks out of my life.  And then it’ll be something unsolvable like IBS (

I do know this, by the way.  Even at a pain level of “2” on a scale of 1-10, I could not handle this constant battering.  Given that, if I ever have to suffer through something much worse like chemo, forget it:  give me the max dose of morphine and just let me be!