God will tell us.

by gbsmith4

Nancy said something interesting the other day.  We were talking — for about the 1000th time — about when we were going to sell our house and move, and she noted that “God will tell us.”

Now Nancy is not a religious person.  And I’m pretty sure she’s agnostic on the whole God thing.  Instead, what I think she meant is that circumstances will “tell us” when to move, not some pre-ordained plan we set in motion.

Of course, I’m all for planning things ahead of time, but over the past few years I’ve found that things that give us the greatest enjoyment have evolved from situations that presented itself and that we merely took advantage of.

That paragraph may be confusing, so let me give you an example.  I love to bike.  But, I never made a conscious decision to start cycling.  Instead, I took it up, because a) my local golf club was closed for 18 months, so I had time on my hands and b) Nancy was riding her bike back and forth to the DC boathouse, so I decided to join her one day.

One thing led to another, and all of a sudden I was  “cyclist.”

The same thing happened with our recent venture into tennis.  Diana had started playing, and we bought some racquets to tag along.  We found we loved it more than we thought and started playing so much, we recently joined a local club just so we’d have a place to play in the winter.

So again: the situation presented itself and we evolved to be tennis players.

But, back to the house.  We’re pretty happy here in DC and the thought of packing up everything is almost overwhelming.  But, we’re pretty certain “God” will tell us what to do when something happens to force our hand (i.e. Fox decides they no longer need me; or we desperately need the cash, or someone knocks on the door and offers us a big bag of money.)

And at that point, we’ll finally get off our collective butts and do something.  But, probably not before then.  At least I hope that’s what “God” is telling us.