Gary’s big night out.

by gbsmith4

Anyone that knows me even vaguely, knows I’m the ultimate homebody.  Oh, I venture out to buy groceries and travel to the occasional regatta or bike race.  But, activities that normal people do like, you know, eat at a restaurant or see a movie?  Uh, no: not in my wheelhouse.

But, I’ve recently become a Capitals fan (yes, the ultimate in fair-weatherness), and my younger daughter — infinitely more connected that I am —  hooked Nancy and myself up with suite tickets to the recent playoff game.  The situation called for a rare night out.

And I have to say, pretty darn enjoyable.  First, Capital fans are a damn loyal bunch.  “Rock the Red” isn’t just a slogan: if there were more than 5 Caps fans without a red jersey or tee-shirt, I’d be surprised.

Rock the Red!



Second, in person you can actually see the puck!  Of course, we pretty much had the best seats in the house, but it was nice to figure out what was going on without the help of replays.

Finally, my big bugaboo with almost any sporting event is the hassle of getting there, parking, and then getting home.  But, with the Verizon Center it was zero problem as we drove, parked, and were at the game in roughly 40 minutes.

Now, would I have felt differently if I was in the nosebleed seats (where, sadly, I usually am.)?  Uh, yes.  Catered food, free drink, and a private bathrooom all ensconced in a suite directly opposite the owner’s box…well, it’s nice to spend a night like the rich people live.

Nancy and Di (who, yes, is apparently a vampire.)



In fact, I was so pysched about my big night: I’ve already scheduled my next outing:  Washington Nationals…if they make the World Series…and I can watch from a suite!