Where I’ve been.

by gbsmith4

It hasn’t been lost on me that my WordPress postings have become a bit erratic.  I seem to go through a period of nice consistency, and then completely lose interest.  Although, “losing interest” isn’t quite right. More like I feel I don’t have anything to add.

(Sidebar: I’m wondering if Twitter’s popularity will also hasten its demise.  By that, I mean you see everyone posting this and that, and it’s hard not to feel… irrelevant.  And once you feel irrelevant, you start to tune out.  Just a thought.)

Anyway, let’s see: as I posted a few weeks ago, I’m really getting into this tennis thing.  Nancy and I have been rallying everyday, but we’ve gone one step further by acquiring a ball machine.  They’re pricey, but I can tell you, our games have taken a parabolic step forward.  Just the ability to return hundreds of balls coming at 70mph with topspin is a godsend if you want to improve.  (“return” is generous.  Maybe “attempting to return.”)

Naturally, I’m now thinking of entering a tournament just to see how I fare.  I did watch the 60+ National Hardcourt championships on youtube recently, and the talent didn’t look all that fierce.  The guys were deadly accurate, of course, but I didn’t see any athleticism I didn’t think I could handle.

Of course, watching via video and seeing it real-time are two different things.  I saw Lendl/McEnroe courtside in their prime and couldn’t believe how hard they hit it: much different than on TV.

So, I’m going to go watch the local Mid-Atlantic Masters championships in a month or so in Virginia to see how the old farts play. I’m also going to hit with a ranked 45+ friend of mine in a few weeks.  I really want him to go all out to see where I stand.

Other than that, not much new.  I’m still cycling with my latest adventure being to drive all the way to upstate NJ for a race, pre-ride the course, only to bag it before the race even started.

But, more on that later.