UPS lost my package??

by gbsmith4

Let me get this out there:  I love UPS.  Love their tracking system.  Love their reliability.  Love my driver (who I see more often than my kids.)

So, when we had a package to be delivered this past Monday and it was a no show, I was floored.  I diligently entered the tracking number, and at last check, it was in the Maryland depot.

I assume it was then loaded on a truck…and vanished.

Yes, that’s right: the package had vanished and UPS finally admitted — egads! — it was lost.

Now, in all my years dealing with UPS, I have had late packages, I have had damaged packages, but never LOST packages.  Never.

And what I can’t figure out is HOW it got lost.  I mean, if it’s scanned in the warehouse, where could it have gone?  Is it hiding in a corner?  Did the delivery guy get taken hostage?  Did it fall off the truck?  Was it hajacked by black-market thieves?

Really, it’s all kind of disconcerting.  Sure, if it’s the USPS, I can understand (along with regularly receiving mail for the people who lived here 15 years ago, I also end up delivering my neighbors mail about as often as the mailman does….).   But, UPS?  I may have to take a few days to recover.