No wonder our kids are fat.

by gbsmith4

Many years ago when my kids were rowing, I served on the board of the Parent’s committee.  Since the athletic department did not fund the sport, parents were pretty much responsible for everything from hiring the coaches to buying the equipment.

But you know what occupied most of our time?  The whole subject of food: how much to provide at the regattas, when it would be served, who would be doing the cooking, who had to cleanup, etc. etc.

And even though my kids are long done with high school, I’m still on the email list for the Parent’s board.  It seems the food situation has gotten out of hand.

As an example, for the last regatta there were no less then 14 emails on how, when and where the parents would provide both breakfast AND lunch.  And these spreads are enormous: bagels, cream cheese, OJ, muffins, sandwiches, chips, omelets….I mean you’d think you were between games at the Bellagio for how big these spreads are.

Of course, I’m all for providing growing kids with food, but here’s the thing:

Most kids participate in ONE race.  A high school race is maybe 6 minutes.  Now 6 minutes ALL OUT, and you might burn 100 calories.  100 calories!  Of course, they have to warmup and cooldown, so I’ll give them credit for another 50 calories.  So, in 8 hours, they burn 150 calories through exercise.

150 calories is half a can of Coke and half a chicken salad sandwich!

But, from experience these kids eat like there’s no tomorrow.  Put food out, and it will be eaten, and my estimate is that the average kid probably consumes 1000 calories at these events.

And we wonder why there’s an obesity problem.