DVMs trump MDs.

by gbsmith4

I took our little dog Lulu to the Vet yesterday and I realized Vets have it in spades over regular Doctors.  In fact, I bet if you have a pet you’ve experienced the same thing:

1.  I’ve been to maybe 7 different Vets over our pet-owning years.  I have NEVER met a Vet who wasn’t kind, courteous, and caring.  They specialize in animals, but their people skills are first-rate.

2.  The people who do all the admin work at Vets trump almost any front-desk folks at regular Doctors.  For whatever reason, they never have an attitude and always seem to give a damn about your pet.

3.  I can usually make an appointment the same day.  With a normal Doctor, you’re lucky to see the person in the same month.  With my Vet, if I call first thing in the morning, I can usually have our dog in that afternoon.

4.  And once I get there, time in the waiting room is about 2 minutes.  Now maybe our Vet is particularly speedy, but I’d say 5 minutes is my average wait time at ALL the Vets I’ve seen.  Average wait time at a regular Doctor?  Uh, considerably more than 5 minutes.

5.  Vets are always close by.  Our Vet is 5 minutes from our house.  No fancy office building, no “medical complex.”  Just a normal house converted into a Vet’s office.  99% of the Doctors I’ve seen aren’t anywhere near as convenient.

Now, when it gets to Vet specialists, well, they’re a little more uppity.  But, they’re still a lot more down-to-earth than the normal big-shot cardiac surgeon.

Of course, when I was growing up, our family MD was almost exactly like Vets are now: humble, kind, and seemed to give a sh*t.  I just hope Vets don’t evolve the same way.