Almost cut my hair

by gbsmith4

With apologies to David Crosby, I actually did cut my hair.  No, not “got a haircut” but actually cut my own hair.

In fact, I’ve been doing it for years and I don’t understand why most guys don’t do it.

About 10 years ago I just got tired of running to the barber.  40 minutes of driving, plus 10 minutes of waiting, plus 20 minutes of haircutting.  The price wasn’t bad — about $20 as I recall — but the whole trip was just an annoying waste of time.

Now I have a history of some pretty lousy hair, so I figured with a barbershop type razor and the right setting, I could just cut it all one length and be done in 5 minutes.

Surprisingly, that’s exactly how it’s turned out.  In fact, I was at the Rite Aid the other day, and replaced my razor with a Conair model for $10 ($8 after my Rite Aid frequent shopper discount!).  Snapped on the #2 trimmer and cut my hair like I was cutting the lawn.  All one length, and done right over the sink.

Then I just trim around the ears and I’m done.  Money saved directly into my pocket.

Even better, a time savings of at least an hour!