You watch: Tennis is about to make a comeback!

by gbsmith4

A few weeks ago, Nancy and I started playing tennis again.  We had dabbled at it a bit about 25 years ago, but lost interest and moved on to other things.

It was ironic, because I had played both racquetball and squash for years, and was at least competent with ball and racquet.  But those were primarily winter/indoor sports, while tennis seemed to compete with golf for outdoor time.  And nothing interfered with my golf game until a few years ago.

But, as I wrote about recently, golf is in the rearview mirror and we both found ourselves with free time late in the day.  So, we ordered some new equipment — I didn’t even have sneakers worthy of running around a court — and started hitting around again.

One thing we noticed is that we hardly ever see anyone on the thousands of courts in our area.  Public courts are vacant, and it seems people have backyard courts in place only so they have less lawn to take care of.  Tennis seems about as popular now as racquetball.

However, I’m certain our re-entry to the sport will change all that.  It’s not that we’re trendsetters by any means.  But, I would say we have a history of being right behind the bleeding edge.  Examples:

— I took up golf in 1968.  Right after the Arnie boom, but right before it really took off.

— I entered Duke in 1975…just before it became DUKE.

— Nancy started rowing in 2002…just before the biggest surge in Masters rowing in years.

— When we moved to DC in 1999, the area had the country’s 5th worst traffic congestion.  Now, it’s #1.

Of course, I could go on and on, but you get my point: start buying stock in HEAD!