People who don’t need people

by gbsmith4

A curious thing happened at my local Bank of America branch: when they installed the new type of ATM’s which can handle cash and check deposits…..people stopped using the drive-thru tellers.

Yes, even though there are generally 2 tellers available, there is often a line for the ATM machine while the teller lines are empty!

In short, even though the teller and ATM offer the same services, people would rather deal with the machine than a human person.

This isn’t good or bad, but does tell me one thing: people generally don’t like to deal with other people.

Need another example?  How many of you would rather interact with someone via email vs. phone?  Right, the great majority.

Of course, I’m pretty much the same way: I like people around — I avoid empty restaurants for example — I just don’t like dealing with them directly.

All of which may make me a bit strange, or based on my bank example, ahead of the curve.