I’m sick.

by gbsmith4

I’m now on day 12 of my annual lingering cold.  I’m fortunate, in that I don’t get sick much at all, save this same time every Spring.

It all goes the same exact way:

1.  Sore throat

2. Stuffed nose

3. Post-nasal drip, resulting in THE WORST COUGH ever.

(In fact, if there was some kind of contest for coughing, I am certain I would win the world championship.  I don’t know what activates the cough mechanism in the body, but my throat is so finely tuned, it can detect molecules smaller than an electron passing through. )

4. Sore throat (kind of the cold’s way of saying goodbye.)

This time around, I have the added pleasure of having blocked ears, and as I can’t hear a thing out of my right ear to begin with, I’m now pretty much deaf.

Anyway, I bring this up not to complain, but to say it’s all so predictable it’s a shame I have to even go to the Doctor.  Heck, I could write the script:  “You now have a sinus infection.  I’m going to give you perscription for a Z-pac, some Claritin-D, some nasal spray, and cough syrup with codeine.”

And I’m always better before the medicine is half gone.

So, why can’t all this stuff just be available over the counter?  Of if there’s some big risk I’m going to “abuse” my cough syrup, at least behind the counter?

Yes, I know most colds go away on their own. And I know about all the over-prescription of antibiotics.

But, seriously: after 54 years on the same merry-go-round, can’t I just self-medicate and be done with it?  Can’t I take some kind of test that says I’m an adult who knows his own body and won’t get high on multiple Z-packs?

I guess in this day and age of over-regulation, though, personal responsibility is out the door.  God forbid we take care of ourselves.