My other life.

by gbsmith4

I think many amateur athletes — especially Masters athletes — feel the same as I do: our athletic life is like some secret alter-ego.

On the one hand, I’m Father, Husband, trader, and TV talking head.  On the other hand, I’m this dedicated cyclist who takes his training VERY seriously.

Now, I suppose some would say, “why the focus?”  I’m never going to the Olympics or Tour de France, so stop pretending I’m Lance Armstrong!  On the other hand, if I’m going to do something, especially something competitively, I just can’t bear to be average.

So, with cycling (like golf beforehand), I went whole-hog.  I have the latest technology in bikes, buy all the latest gear, and peruse multiple websites and magazines.  But, above all, I have a plan to get better.

Until I started cycling, however, I did NO endurance sports.  And I certainly had no clue as to how to train for an endurance sport.

Therefore, I thought the smart approach was to have someone help me draft a training plan.  It’s not hard to find a cycling coach, and I did: 4 times over, working with and then rejecting each coach because of fit, personality, or lack of improvement.

I finally came upon “Coach Dean” who of all things, specializes in running.  But, I liked his writing and loved his approach.  Best of all, he’s the only coach I’ve seen in ANY sport who’s flexible enough to work WITH me and not act as an all-knowing oracle, whose training plan is handed down in stone tablets.  Coach Dean is found here and even if you do zero endurance work, his advice on mental toughness and other “life lessons” is well worth the read.

As for my contribution and approach, Dean was nice enough to publish an email I sent to him a few days ago.  You can find that here:

My first race of the season is late April.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress!