I’m sorry, who are you again??

by gbsmith4

I received an email the other day from Chris Williams who said I had been added as a friend on Schoolfeed.com.

The only problem?  Even though Chris Williams (whose name I’ve changed so his feelings aren’t hurt), went to my high school, I have no idea who he is.  Furthermore, I don’t know what Schoolfeed.com is, nor how I got in their “yearbook.”

But, I looked and there I am, along with a few classmates who seem vaguely familiar.  Now, I’ll give some credence to the fact that my memory isn’t all that sharp.  But, I graduated with only 200 kids, and at the time, I thought I knew every person.  But, in judging from the names, I seem to know only about 1 in 5.  The others?  No clue.

And forget about the pictures that Schoolfeed provides.  They might as well be mug shots from the local precinct, or employees at the Potomac Starbucks.

Furthermore, what is this ever-encroaching application called Schoolfeed?  It’s like one of those unstoppable viruses that can only be thwarted by the brave folks at the CDC.

In fact, it seems similar to LinkedIn, who manages to send me daily emails.    Unfortunately, I don’t think I have a LinkedIn account.  Yet they stalk me 24/7  badgering me to “connect” with someone.  And if I don’t connect, they keep sending me reminders that John Doe is “awaiting my response.”

Honestly, I feel badly for having forgotten folks, or being so rude as to ignore their invitation.  Still, if I haven’t added you as a “friend” or we somehow haven’t “connected”, I apologize in advance.  That said, please stop bugging me until I remember who you are.