The Perfect Job

by gbsmith4

I think I’ve come up with the perfect job.  It has a huge market, would pay great, and is geographically mobile.  The only problem is I don’t know what to call it.

But, here’s what it is:  Nancy and I, like a ton of other 50+ baby boomers, would like to downsize.  Or, at least move to somewhere warm.  We have a house that’s too big and we’re not fond of the cold.

However, the sheer logistics of relocating are mind-boggling.  Finding a real estate agent.  Getting the house ready for the market.  Clearing out when people come to look.  Finding a mover.  Packing everything up.  UN-packing everything at the new home.  Dealing with all the mortgage paperwork.

Honestly, it’s just overwhelming.  And I suppose weighing heavily, is the fact that we’ve done this 5 times previously, so we know what hell it really is.

Anyway, the job is to step in and be moving coordinator (MC!).  All we want to do is find the new home, figure out how to pay for it, and show up with the clothes on our back.

You, the MC, do the rest.  Everything.  From dealing with the bank to figuring where to put the china.  Nancy and I will decamp to a temporary home and stay there until we are handed the keys to our new place.

Compensation?  I suppose you’d get paid either a flat fee, or more logically, a percentage of the sales price.  Whatever, it’d be generous, but well worth it from our end.

Now, I’ve looked and there’s no one out there who provides all of this.  But, I’m certain the demand is enormous.  And my guess is we’re a barometer of thousands of other boomers out there, so that demand is only going to get bigger in the next decade.