Top Doctors? Right…..

by gbsmith4

A few days ago, we received our latest copy of Washingtonian Magazine, featuring its yearly list of Top Doctors.

I always laugh because this must be the greatest marketing ploy in publishing!

I say that because I’ve been to quite a few of these “Top Docs” over the years, and I’ve found more than a few to be clueless, or with a huge ego, or just plain terrible, that I question if they even had a license.

One top doc I saw started prescribing me medication without even taking my history.  Another recommened surgery for a gangling cyst…that eventually went away after I stopped playing golf.

Another operated on my deviated septum to clear up breathing problems…of which I still have to this day.

Some of these Doctors let me stew over 2 hours in the waiting room for my appointment.  Others have spent less than 10 minutes with me.

Now I’m certain some of these Doctors must be pretty good.  Just the law of mathematics says they can’t all be lousy.

But to save time, I just resort to my easy method of selection:  I just go to whichever Doctor is closest to my house.  Good, bad, whatever, I seem to get the same results no matter who I see.