The greatest rock band of all time: Bad Company?

by gbsmith4

A few years ago, I decided to include the Sirius radio system with our latest car purchase.  And even though I still listen almost exclusively to the local FM “traffic/weather/news” station, it’s been a good investment.

Particularly on long car trips, having access to non-stop music is enjoyable and I tune in regularly to the blues and classic rock stations.

Of course, being born in 1958, “Classic Rock” is what I grew up on and I’d say I’m pretty knowledgeable on music from about the mid-60s through the late 70s.

And since my wife is from the same era, we tune in regularly to the Classic Rock station.  But, here’s what’s baffling:  after listening now for hundreds of hours, we’ve come to the conclusion that —  according to air time — the greatest rock groups from that era must have been:

1.  Bad Company

2.  E.L.O

3.  Jethro Tull

4.  Led Zeppelin

Yes, I know: Bad Company?  ELO?  Like most, I certainly have a fondness for some of their stuff, but those guys are in constant rotation!  They dwarf pretenders like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

In fact, Nancy and I often play Classic Rock trivia where you have to guess the group before the end of the song.  Our joke: when in doubt, guess “Bad Company” because they’re played so often.

And E.L.O.?  Hey, I actually saw them in concert and they had, what, one or two really good songs?

Led Zeppelin I can kind of give a pass to, since they’re so iconic.  But, Jethro Tull?  Jethro Tull??

Oh and on Classic Rock, there apparently were no women rockers back in that time.  Janis Joplin didn’t exist.  Blondie is played once every 1000 hours.  Jefferson Airplane is a rarity.

And you can completly forget about pop-ish groups like The Beach Boys.  You have a better chance of hearing the 17th best Emerson, Lake and Palmer song than hearing Good Vibrations.

Seriously, I feel sorry for someone looking to learn about classic rock via Sirius.  They’re liable to think “Can’t Get Enough” is the greatest rock song of all time.