Gary B Smith sucks

by gbsmith4

I was going through my WordPress summaries, and noted someone had stumbled upon my writings with the search phrase “Gary B Smith sucks.”

Now, as someone who — in a fit of childishness — has also typed in “Insert Name  here sucks” I can certainly relate.  Basically you want to know if others hate someone as much as you do!

But then I started wondering why this person thought I “sucked.”  In fact, sucked at what, exactly?

Let’s see, I was a pretty good golfer, and in any event, far from sucky.

I’m a middling cyclist and decent in my age group, so it couldn’t be that.

I guess my kids could have typed it in just after I did my Joan Crawford imitation.  But, I doubt it: they usually verbalize their feelings!

Nancy could have typed it, but “Gary B Smith” is kind of formal for her.

I have had some dismal years as a trader, so I suppose it could have been that.  On the other hand, my track record isn’t public, and there are no formal “he sucks as a trader” rankings.

No, my best guess is I said something on TV that either dinged the person’s stock or dinged his (or her, I guess) political leanings.  Media Matters, as an example, thinks I’m a blithering idiot, and they despise my libertarian bent.

Whatever the reason, I don’t think anything the person found changed his or her mind.  Still, I am glad they found me.  Who doesn’t like the extra page hits?