Duke lost? Good. Lehigh won? Ugh!

by gbsmith4

A friend called me last night asking if I was watching the game.  “What game?” I asked.  Then I remembered:  Duke was playing Lehigh.

As a Lehigh grad, he was interested in seeing how his alma mater would fare.  He thought I’d be interested as well, as I graduated from both Duke (undergrad) and Lehigh (MBA.)

I couldn’t have cared less.  No, strike that.  I did care.  I wanted both teams to lose.

Now, it may be funny saying that, but I suppose this reveals one of my dark sides: I can hold a grudge for a long time.

Don’t get me wrong: I thoroughly enjoyed Duke, although I was there long before it was DUKE.  In fact, I was there long before “Coach K” arrived.  Back then, Duke almost winning the NCAA (1978) was a huge deal.

It was also a fairly conservative school with very little pretentiousness about it.  I felt proud to have attended and was a regular donor.

That all changed with the Duke lacrosse incident (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duke_lacrosse_case) back in 2006.  Suffice to say, I saw the university show its true stripes, with innocent boys being railroaded by a liberal faculty.  (In fairness, Duke has its side of the story in which it comes off as a saint: http://today.duke.edu/showcase/lacrosseincident/)

In any event, my perception of the university dramtically changed, I stopped giving them money, and haven’t watched or rooted for them since.

Lehigh was a different story.  I was living at home while a graduate student, so I really didn’t take in the full “Lehigh experience.”  I did enjoy the school, though, and am thankful they gave me a stepping-stone into the business world.

And then my youngest daughter Diana applied to their undergrad program and was rejected.

So, you know what: F*CK Lehigh.  (And, by the way, stop calling me for donations, you morons.)

Yes, I’m a small, petty, grudge-holding neanderthal.   Proud of it, too.

Now, I hope Lehigh’s run is over in the next round.