What are these @#$% people doing??

by gbsmith4

Maybe it’s me, or maybe it’s where I live, but I’ve come upon a curious phenomenon: I pull into a crowded parking lot and start searching for a spot.  I see someone walking to their car and get in.  I drive to the mandatory neutral zone to wait for them to pull out.  And wait, and wait, and wait. The person is clearly in their car….and just sitting there!

And they continue to sit there.  Are they just taunting me?  Are they doing personal hygiene?  Rearranging their Pandora playlist?  Downloading last season’s Dexter?  Re-reading their navigation system manual?

Here’s what I do when I get in my car:  I start it up, back out, and drive away.  Takes me about 30 to 45 seconds.  And I back out about as fast as the worst driver at the Old Age Home!

And by the way, I see the same action when people pull INTO a spot.  They do manage to turn off the engine, and then….nothing.  They sit there like it’s a miracle they survived the trip, and have to gather themselves before the next arduous leg.  Climbers up Everest have less downtime.

Who knows, maybe people like their car so much, they want to further enjoy it after the trip.  Or maybe they just like the solitude.  Whatever it is, I have just one request: when I’m sitting there stewing,  feel free to enjoy the comfort of your own cockpit….AFTER you’ve removed yourself from my soon-to-be parking spot!