Mad Men??

by gbsmith4

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved TV.  I can remember tuning into “Discovery ’66” over 45 years ago, and I’m not sure I’ve missed a day of TV since.

As far as tastes, I guess I’m more a drama, or at least “dramedy” fan than anything else.  Give me a “Sopranos,” “Friday Night Lights,” or even “Parenthood” and I’m happy.

Which is why I’m still wrestling with Mad Men.  By all accounts I should love that show.  I mean the critics rave about it, Entertainment Weekly devoted their recent cover story to it,


it’s won a ton of Emmys, and I think it gets pretty good ratings.

So I really tried to like it.  I think the actors are great, I like the production design, and on paper, the plots seem interesting.

Instead, I hate it.  Well, not hate it, but I do think it’s incredibly slow-paced and, for lack of a better word: boring.

In fact, I’m wondering if this is the kind of show where people think they should like, and keep tuning in, thinking they’re missing something.

Well, I don’t you’re missing something.  With everything it has going for it, the final result is just one long dull hour.  In fact, if you want drinking, good-looking women, and corporate intrigue, add “Dallas” to your Netflix queue.  You’ll be a lot more entertained.