A big, dysfunctional family

by gbsmith4

About midnight last night, the Redskins made a deal to get RGIII.  Now, if anything in that line is confusing, don’t worry about it.  The key takeaway is that both my wife and I were on pins and needles discussing, debating, and worrying about the outcome.

Which got me thinking why I even care about a professional sports team to begin with.  I mean, the athletes are little more than paid mercenaries, with little or no allegiance to the area.  And even if they bled burgundy and gold, what do I care?  It’s not like I have any allegiance to this area!

But, it finally dawned on me the reason I care is the same way I cared about watching “Dallas” or “The Sopranos” all those years: they were a big, dysfunctional family I couldn’t take my eyes off.

Yes, the ‘Redskins have stunk ever since we moved here 13 years ago.  Not only have they stunk, in fact, they’ve done just about everything to ensure they would continue to stink for the foreseeable future.  Google “lame,” “controversy,” or “dumb,” and sure enough, the Redskins will pop up.

But, they’ve now gone out and secured a franchise quarterback and a shot at the Super Bowl.  Or, they’ve spent every draft pick through Armageddon to be a complete flop, competing with only the Wizards for laughingstock of professional sports.

Either way, it’s going to be a glorious soap opera.  Which is basically the reason Nancy and I can’t stop watching.