Is it so hard to reply?

by gbsmith4

I’ve been reading a lot lately about mental discipline.  Going with the flow.  Not letting little things bother me.  Being “mindful.”

It’s not working.  Little things still bug the sh*t out of me.

Lately, one of those things is the simple request that goes unanswered.  In fact, never even acknowledged.

As an example, I’ve been using for the past few months as a way of logging my bike rides.  It’s useful for that, but you can also “follow” people to see what kind of rides they’re doing.  I follow about 5 people, mostly all local folks who ride the same routes as I do.  A few I follow because they’re competitive in my age group and I like to see what kind of workouts they’re doing.

But Strava also allows you to have a discussion, of sorts, with anyone on the site.  You just post a comment on one of their workouts, and they post a comment back.  Easy enough.

Anyway, I was following one fellow who is ranked nationally in my age group.  Being a “big deal” he has about 145 followers.  (to put it in perspective, I have all of 4.)

As someone who specializes in climbing, I’m always curious about weight, and since he was kind enough to disclose to someone else what he weighed, I asked him what his bike weighed.

And I never heard back.  Nothing.  Not “go f*ck off. ”   Not, “none of your business.”  Not even a ball park number.  And it’s not like it’s a state secret.  Most road bikes are going to weigh between 15 and 19lbs.  I was just curious.

Now I don’t know if this fellow thinks he’s a big deal. (I’m guessing he does.)  Or he was too busy. (takes, what, 30 seconds to post a response?)  Or he’s just a jerk.

Whatever the reason, I stopped following him.   But, the whole non-reply thing still bothers me.