The Facebook rebellion

by gbsmith4

This headline caught my eye the other day: “We’re getting less friendly on Facebook.”

Frankly, I’m not surprised and it finally dawned on me after watching 5 minutes of “The Social Network”: most of us aren’t in high school any longer!

Yes, I know that maybe some of us never mentally move on from high school:  our self-esteem is still measured by how much we’re “liked”; we still gravitate to the “popular” people; and we still want to be seen as cool.

Now, don’t get me wrong:  I was just as guilty as the next guy.  It was fun, for at least awhile, to catch up on old acquaintances, and — let’s face it — to see what everyone looks like 30/40 years later.  But, once that was done?  Not really much of interest, I’m afraid.

In fact, as many of us get older, we seem to reach a state where we don’t really care all that much what others think (and especially what they think of us.)

In essence, Facebook is like the pathetic middle-aged guy going through mid-life crisis who takes up with 20 year olds.  It’s fun, but only for awhile.  Then the guy realizes, that wait: he’s not 20 years old any longer!

Now maybe FB can be fueled by an endless stream of high school and college kids.  But, I think for the vast majority of anyone over 25, they’ll be checking out.