30 years from now

by gbsmith4

As part of our regular shopping trips, we occasionally pass a retirement home called The Ring House.   I looked it up, and the average age there is 85.


Personally, I want something a bit nicer when I get to that age , but Nancy says I won’t know any better, so she’s putting me there.

This got me thinking about life in my 80s, and the way it’s always portrayed in the media is pretty sad.  Elderly people are always shown doing arts & crafts, or sitting around playing something like the recorder, or maybe — if they’re adventurous — doing some square dancing.

And the clothes they show people in?  Did someone mandate every old person has to wear a track suit — always in some awful pastel — throughout the day?

Seriously, every 80+ person is shown as some poor kid in kindergarten, where going to the bathroom alone is cause for celebration.

I don’t know what life will hold for me 30 years from now, but if I reach my mid-80s and a big day for me is making a wood box, I’d just prefer to Nancy put a pillow over my head and let me go in peace.