by gbsmith4

Next month my Father-in-law will attend the 58th reunion of his graduating class at Dartmouth.  That’s pretty remarkable just from a longevity perspective.   And for as long as I’ve known him, he’s attended a ton of reunions ranging from college down to grade school.

On the flip side, I’ve had the opportunity to attend probably 30 college reunions, a handful of graduate school reunions, and maybe 7 high school reunions.  My attendance remains at zero.

It’s not like I had a horrible time at my various education stops.  To the contrary, I fit into a variety of high school cliques (nerd, athlete, thespian), so I had a fair amount of friends.  In college, I was in a fraternity with a good group of guys, and enjoyed my four years.

Still, I never found the need to keep in touch with anyone or re-live the “glory years.”  I did have lunch with my old college roommate a few months ago — ironically he lives no more than 20 minutes from me — but it was a one-off thing and I didn’t find any pressing need to do it again.

Reunions, I think, would be even worse than a lunch.  There’s all that talk of things you did when you didn’t know any better, and then tedious discussion about what everyone is doing now.  Well, at least it’d be tedious to me.   Finally, having to explain to your spouse that yes, you were a complete goober way back then, would just drive me crazy.

Anyway, I’m happy for my Father-in-law.  He really seems to enjoy these get togethers.  Me?  I’m fine where I am for at least another 20 years or so.