Boy, am I fussy!

by gbsmith4

In an earlier time, I would best describe my current mood as “annoyed.”  But, Nancy has always used the word “fussy” so I’ll stick with that.

And boy, I have been fussy in spades lately.  As usual, the reasons are trivial, but I suppose they add up.  Here are just some of the things bothering me.

— The traffic around DC.  I pretty much only drive into the city to do TV, and that’s 3 times a week.  Going in is never a problem.  But, returning home?  For a lousy 10 miles, I can sometimes spend over an hour in the car.  Ridiculous.

— My kids.  Yeah, I love my kids.  Really do.  But, sometimes some of the boneheaded things they do drives me insane.  And my kids are old enough — in their 20s — to know better.  You have kids?  Enough said!

— Twitter.  Lately, I’m becoming sick of it.  Same lame-brained comments posted over and over.  I’m thinking of going on Twitter-strike, just like I did Facebook.  I probably won’t though, because I’m addicted.  (and that makes me fussy, too!)

— Sound-editing on TV.  Am I getting old, or do most TV shows have muffled sound?  Or maybe they have so much background music, the dialogue gets drowned out.  Whatever it is, I CAN’T HEAR A DAMN THING!

— The weather.  This has been the mildest winter since 2006.  Terrific really if you ride a bike.  But, it’s still gets cold and it still gets windy.  And I still loathe it next to the Spring and Summer.  (and I’m not even that wild about the Summer.)

—  The Presidential race.  Do I need say more?  My G*D, 10 more months of this??  Can we just vote and get it over with?

— Every DC sports team.  They all stink.  And yet, a mere 40 minutes away the Baltimore Ravens are playing great.  Typical.  Seriously, just once I’d love to live in city with some kind of contender.

— My own fussiness.  I think part of my total funk is that I’m getting old.  Or at least older.  And I find that annoying.  Can’t wait to see what I’m like in my 80s, should I get that far.  Probably a barrel of laughs….