Enough with the 3-day weekends!

by gbsmith4

I guess today marks the end of the 3-day weekends for awhile and I have to tell you, I’m happy about it.

Early in my life, I used to relish an extra day off.  Now I find it takes me completely out of my rhythm.  It’s not that I spend so much time trading or even looking at the market, but I do spend enough time here and there throughout the day where a void makes a noticeable difference.

In any event, I’m always happier when the market opens up Tuesday morning.  Gives me something to do post-breakfast / pre-workout.

As for the market and my trading, my rear end is catching a lot of splinters.  I did finally do one purchase on Friday (KO), but that’s about it.  And while I’m certain we’ll get a selloff at some point (let me guess: European crisis of some sort…), I really have to wait until things fall into my buy zone.

Right now I’m looking at MA, VZ, GOOG, and PEP, but all those need to drop a bit further.

Until then all I can do is sit and watch.   I see the next 3-day weekend is Presidents Day, and that’s only a month away.  Ugh.